Estampados Prefabricados de Concreto EPC is a young company dedicated to the manufacture, design and marketing of mostly stamped concrete floors with a different approach to the traditional and willing to contribute to the beautification of your space. Our goal is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, who demand better and different ways to exploit every corner. Let us be your strategic partner in the difficult field of exterior design with stamped concrete floors.
Estampados Prefabricados de Concreto EPC, has focused its business to the field of decorative concrete. Having trained personnel to carry out the work, the company was created with the purpose of offering the market the latest in the field.

Through hard work, marketing and high quality, this product has had a very large acceptance in the last 7 years. Besides stamped concrete floors, some concrete products to complement the floor are: concrete benches, concrete ballasts, concrete columns, wooden pergolas, planters, shades, canopies, precast concrete steps and some other things.

Since its incorporation in 2002 at Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico, EPC has been characterized by innovation and quality in all our products, as well as giving attention to customers on both sides of the border.
With that in mind, towards the end of 2008, the delegation of Pisos Prefabricados Inc. was created in the city of El Paso, Texas. Their goal was to offer a more personalized service and to introduce slowly into the English- speaking market, where our values of commitment, ethics, quality, and innovation, allowed us to do so.

Estampados Prefabricados de Concreto, EPC works under a single vision, which is: meeting the needs required by our clients in the design and construction of a high quality product, through the work of a team of professionals with extensive experience and desire to succeed.

Estampados Prefabricados de Concreto, EPC works with imported and domestic supplies of the highest quality, in order to provide the best service in the market. Framed in a line of constant innovation, our designing department works every day to design and manufacture a wide range of models and types of flooring to meet the needs of the ever changing market.